Registration & Login

Your employer must create an account for you first; it is not possible to register until they do this. Your employer should tell you when your account has been created.

When your employer gives you a username and activation code:

The activation code is a security check. Simply enter your username and the activation code on the sign in page.

  • Confirm your name and set a security question and password.

    Hint: check the email address shown as it will be used for the next step. Contact your HR team if it is incorrect

  • An email will be sent, click on the “Activate” button/link.
  • You’ll see a confirmation message in your browser.
  • You can now sign in with your username, and the password you chose.

When your employer creates your account with no activation code:

You will be able to self-register. The system will cross reference the details you give to those your employer provided, as the security check.

  • Use the “Not yet registered” button on the sign in page.
  • Complete all the questions on the registration form, including your email. These details must match exactly what your employer has already entered, so take care and check what they used if there are any problems. Set a security question and password.

    Hint: Most employers use full names and your work email address.

  • An email will be sent, click on the “Activate” button/link.
  • You’ll see a confirmation message in your browser.
  • You can now sign in with your username, and the password you chose.


Yes. After logging in click on “My account” to the right of the menu bar. Pick “My account” from the dropdown menu and then click on the “Personal Details” tile. You can change your email, first name, address, security question and password. To change other details, contact your HR team.

  • Use the “Forgotten your password” link on the sign-in page. Enter the email address that matches your account.
  • An email will be sent to you, click on the “Reset Password” link.
  • A browser window will open confirming your username and will prompt you to set a new password.

    Hint: Check the username shown; that’s what you must enter on the login page.

  • You’ll see a confirmation message in your browser.
  • You can now sign in with your email, and the password you chose.

In almost all cases, there is one of three reasons

  • Often, the sender is not recognised by your email client. Check your spam / junk folder in case it has been automatically moved there.
  • Sometimes, the email has gone to a different address. If you have just filled in the registration or forgotten password form, double check what is in the “email” box. That is where the email will be sent to.
  • Last, if there’s no account matching that email address, for security reasons, no email is sent.

    Hint: Has your email changed? (e.g., after a name change or company update) the system may have the old one.

Most companies will use your email address as your username. However, the system does allow them to be different if required. Hint: If they are the same, then you change your email, the system will also change your username and confirm this to you.

If your company does not use activation codes, then the details which you provide when you register will be compared to those your company has entered when they created your account. This is a security check so they must match exactly, otherwise you will see the message “We are unable to match against the information provided by your organisation”. Check with your HR team as to what they entered when they created your account. Hint: Most employers add new joiner accounts in monthly or weekly batches, so check with your HR team whether your account has been created yet.

Often, this is due to a simple typing error and trying again will fix it. However, if you are sure the details you entered are right think about whether your username could be wrong. Maybe it is your home email address not your company one (or vice versa)? Maybe you have changed your email address, but the system still has the old one as the username? If you are positive the username is correct, try using the “Forgotten your password” link to reset your password. Hint: Are you trying to access the correct company?! We support many organisations. Normally, the login page should show your company’s name / Logo and a background image of their choice. Check the URL you are starting from is correct.

We’re here to help

If you are sure that your employer has created your account, but you can’t access it then contact Customer Services. We’ll help you work out what’s wrong and can solve most problems quickly.

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